Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, Friday night Mr. S and I went to my aunt's house for what they said was "game night." Much to our suprise the game was actually the meal.  As in rabbit, quail, and elk, and trout.  These were the animals that they caught!  I was in shock because I thought that we were going to play games not eat game.  I ended up eating yummy trout, salad, and a raw chocolate and coconut cake that my cousin made.  It was really good!  On Saturday, I did a little shopping.  I'll post pics of my purchases soon.  Then Mr. S and I had lunch at Paradise Bakery, I love the asian chicken salad.  Later that night he set up a bath for me and made a delicious dinner!  Today, we went to the lab where he is doing his masters program project and then met up with family for lunch and then went to dinner with my parents.  Henry, our chocolate lab had been staying with my parents sincce we moved into this one bedroom apartment because they have a yard for him to play in.  Well, they fell in love with him and it was hard for us to take him back now that we are situated.  But today was the day, Henry is here now.  We missed him too much and he can still go over to my parents house during the day while we are away from the apartment.  Oh....and I painted to canvases with a big starfish in the middle.  I will post pics of that as well.  Let's hope this is a good week!

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