Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello, this is me.


This is reality ladies.  
Here we are, Sully and I playing on the floor with pots and a silicone spatula with toys littering the floor in the background.
If you walked in the front door today I would welcome you with bare-feet and messy hair.  You would see piles of folded laundry that needs to be hauled up the stairs and dishes that need loaded in the dishwasher.  Since becoming a momma I'm OK with those things taking longer to get done.

This is me having one of the best days of my life, and I will hopefully do it all over again tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

One never looked so good.

Today was "warm" so we went to the park and I took pictures of this cute little guy in celebration of him turning one yesterday.

I brought along his new firetruck that my parents got him for his birthday.  Its super cute and mostly metal.  I put him on it and lift his feet up and give him a little ride, but soon he'll be able to scoot around on it. 

Today he was all about walking.  Even when he plopped down, he was working hard to get back up.

Haha...looks like he's striking a pose.

This picture cracks me up.  Either he's pointing like a number one or he's trying to pick his nose.  I doubt he was doing either but it's still cute!

Caught him mid-step and in deep concentration.

I think he looks like such a little man.  

Pure sweetness...mixed with a little dirt on those toes. :)

Loved the leaves.

I loved our day outside today.  It was just what we needed.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Crafts and Cupcakes

1.  Birthday hat that I made by hand for Sully.  It didn't stay!  
2.  That is his little pumpkin.  
 3.  Paper "Happy Birthday" banner...super easy.
4.  "One" wooden sign that I glued together.

Easy felt garland.  I love how colorful it is.

I painted this on a plate with Martha Stewart paint and one of her stencils too.  I tried to put Sully's hand print on it but that was a major fail.

Today's newspaper here.

The cupcakes Arty made.  They were so good!

I love his face here.

Hahaha tipped it over.

He wasn't too sure about it.

And he decided that he wasn't ready for a cupcake just yet.  Another time!


One Year

Today was emotional for me.  I didn't think that it would be, but I was wrong.  As we drove back from a quick trip to see my brother in Columbus early this morning I was watching the clock thinking back to what was going on at the same time last year.  How we were so excited to meet a baby that would change our lives, little did we know how much that change would be.  How after thirty minutes of pushing, at 5:31am on October 23rd he was placed on my stomach and in that moment my heart burst with love.  And then how only a few short minutes later he was taken to the NICU for eight long days.   As a parent I think that one of the worst things to see is your child hooked up to machines in the hospital.  I can still visualize what that looked like and it physically hurts me to think about.  The first night he spent out of the hospital was Halloween.  I never once thought about what "baby's first Halloween" costume I should get for him because I was just so thankful that he was healthy and home.  

This year has gone by faster than any other, and yet so much has changed.  I can honestly say that I have embraced motherhood and lived in the moment.  There were times that I didn't change out of my pajamas and didn't do a single thing around the house because I was taking care of my little bundle.  I do not regret those days at all.  There were countless early mornings and late nights, but we made it through.  This is the most important job I will ever have, and its the only job that I have truly loved.  I have been blessed beyond my wildest imagination.  

Thank you Sullivan for being you, and for being the sweetest and most perfect addition to our family.  I will love you forever and ever.



Monday, October 17, 2011

Off to the park

We went to the park and met up with two other momma's and their kiddos today.
The weather was perfect.  I am not sure how many more times I will be able to type those words this year, as winter creeping closer.  I took these pictures of Sullivan and I think they are adorable, and there is proof that he wears shoes...sometimes.

As you can see he jumped off the bench.  It was really only five or six inches off the ground.  He was proud of himself when he landed on the mulch.

Yay!  We had fun!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

The past two days in pictures

Yesterday, Sully and I went on a walk to Starbucks.  I kept thinking that it was definitely a blustery day.  Tons of wind and the leaves were pouring down out of the trees.  

Cleanish shoes.  I don't think they will look this fresh for long.

Baby boy snuggled in a blanket fast asleep.

When we came home he played with some kitchen stuff.  I think he may like to bake.  One day I'll teach him my chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It's basically the only recipe I know by heart.

Hanging out.  

Love that face.

We have so much fun together.  He liked it when I said "Geronimo" and then he broke out it a full fledged belly laugh.

Snuggles. And smiles.

Sweet boy.

This is his "oh" face.  He loves saying oh.

Last night we went to a different local place for dinner.  I had buckwheat pancakes and arty had beer battered fish and then we split a huge piece of cake.  Huge.

Today we hit up the "pumpkin patch."  It was basically a grassy area scattered with pumpkins for kids to pick.  Sully arranged three in his lap within a couple minutes of touching the ground.

Today was also the first time Sullivan kept his shoes on.  They were his hard-soled Uggs, a early b-day gift from my mom.  

We also went to the farmers market and got some potatoes and leeks, then Arty made a really yummy leak and potatoes soup for dinner.  We also got some other veggies as well.  

These were the interesting pumpkins at the farmers market this morning.

And to top of our night Arty out did himself on delicious ginger molasses cookies.

Off to snuggle on the couch!