Saturday, October 15, 2011

The past two days in pictures

Yesterday, Sully and I went on a walk to Starbucks.  I kept thinking that it was definitely a blustery day.  Tons of wind and the leaves were pouring down out of the trees.  

Cleanish shoes.  I don't think they will look this fresh for long.

Baby boy snuggled in a blanket fast asleep.

When we came home he played with some kitchen stuff.  I think he may like to bake.  One day I'll teach him my chocolate chip cookie recipe.  It's basically the only recipe I know by heart.

Hanging out.  

Love that face.

We have so much fun together.  He liked it when I said "Geronimo" and then he broke out it a full fledged belly laugh.

Snuggles. And smiles.

Sweet boy.

This is his "oh" face.  He loves saying oh.

Last night we went to a different local place for dinner.  I had buckwheat pancakes and arty had beer battered fish and then we split a huge piece of cake.  Huge.

Today we hit up the "pumpkin patch."  It was basically a grassy area scattered with pumpkins for kids to pick.  Sully arranged three in his lap within a couple minutes of touching the ground.

Today was also the first time Sullivan kept his shoes on.  They were his hard-soled Uggs, a early b-day gift from my mom.  

We also went to the farmers market and got some potatoes and leeks, then Arty made a really yummy leak and potatoes soup for dinner.  We also got some other veggies as well.  

These were the interesting pumpkins at the farmers market this morning.

And to top of our night Arty out did himself on delicious ginger molasses cookies.

Off to snuggle on the couch!


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  1. I love that first picture! :) /you are beautiful. And your shoes rock!