Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beautiful Scenery & some random bits

This morning was foggy.  I love the fog, it feels like you are up in a cloud.  I drove with Sullivan up to the top of  a hill to lookout on the town where we live.  I rolled the window down and put my hand out to feel the cool moisture on my hand.  Just as we came to the top, the sun started to rise and the white cloud we were in turned pink.  It took my breath away and I felt my eyes swell.  The sun's rays were shooting up so majestically. Growing up my dad would say that God put that sunrise or sunset there just for us to see.  I'd have to agree.  I wish I had pictures of what I saw.

I did come home, grab the camera and we went to another lookout spot here to take some pictures.  Unfortunately it started to rain some, but the leaves on the trees were still beautiful.   

Since we were just a couple minutes away from the "trout pond" that we went fishing at earlier this year, I decided to stop by.

The scenery was spectacular.  I thought it was odd as I was pulling in that there were lots of cars and old men just hanging out until I saw an interesting parks and rec truck pull up.  All the old men scurried and threw their lines in.  

Then out came the fish.  Big ones!

They let me take pictures.

Sully liked seeing the fish.  

Other random bits from this week:

-Sully now points to my nose and laughs when I say the word nose.  I love his pointy finger.

-I need to solidify Sully's Halloween costume.  I was planning on making it but I'm running out of time.

-Speaking of running out of time, there are only ten more days until his birthday!  I need to get organized.

-I also need a pedicure.

-I am happy to have my husband back today, he has been studying like crazy.

Well, that's about it for me.


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