Sunday, October 23, 2011

Birthday Crafts and Cupcakes

1.  Birthday hat that I made by hand for Sully.  It didn't stay!  
2.  That is his little pumpkin.  
 3.  Paper "Happy Birthday" banner...super easy.
4.  "One" wooden sign that I glued together.

Easy felt garland.  I love how colorful it is.

I painted this on a plate with Martha Stewart paint and one of her stencils too.  I tried to put Sully's hand print on it but that was a major fail.

Today's newspaper here.

The cupcakes Arty made.  They were so good!

I love his face here.

Hahaha tipped it over.

He wasn't too sure about it.

And he decided that he wasn't ready for a cupcake just yet.  Another time!



  1. sooo cute, wish we were there! maybe if the cupcake rattled or something.

  2. Your cupcake looks good Arturo. We wish we could have been there. Sully's reaction to his first baked good is priceless. I wish I could have the same reaction too, pass the chocolate chip cookies, ice cream, and donuts please. Grandma and grandpa love you Sully. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Just kidding on the naughty food it's fruits and veggies for us, especially spinach. Yum yum!

  3. those cupcakes look pretty tasty Arturo... don't know what Sully is thinking... maybe if he were offered a Sprinkles cupcake? haha jk!

  4. We love you Sully. Happy Birthday! The pictures of the birthday cupcake were priceless. Love, Grandma and Grandpa Simms

  5. The cupcake was a piece of art ( no pun intended ). Sully didn't want to mess it up. The pictures show his amazement at having such a beautiful thing to himself and then the sadness when it toppled. Ohhhhh noooo! There there Sully.

  6. Oh my goodness he is adorable. And his reaction to the cupcake is priceless! Stopping by to say *hi* from follow fest!