Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bikini Belly Pictures

Today my parents, Sully, and I went to a nearby hotel to soak in the pool and check out the city views.  It was extremely HOT so we stayed for about an hour, and long enough to take some belly pictures.  The one's I've been avoiding since I feel heavier bloated at this point.  I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow.

Soggy baby feet.  Love.

 ~ Megan


  1. Oh goodness you still look super toned! I plan on going to the pool soon but I may have to get a bigger bikini. The ones I have our a little small now ;)

  2. I second Francis! You are more toned than me and I'm not pregnant. My pooch is a little lower than yours lol! 2nd Tri coming up! yay!

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