Wednesday, May 2, 2012

18 Months Old-(4.23.12)

This post is late (4.23.12 would have been right) but I want it for my own record.

There is a little story about this small hammer.  A few days ago Sully saw me hammer a nail into the wall.  He was hooked immediately.  I found an old piece of wood and let him knock it around while being closely supervised.  Its one of the highlights of his day.  He asks for it by running and pointing to area where I keep it and will say "this" on repeat until I get the hint.

We went to the park today and behind the park is a little forest with a walking path.  This picture was taken before I saw a small snake, from that point on we stayed on the trail.


You were watching a Caterpillar.

Dear Sullivan,
I wondered why there were no other kids at the park until I saw you head straight to the puddles.  My first reaction was to pick you up and go, but then I saw how much fun you were having.  A little dirt? No problem. That's why we do bath time every-night.  

I always take you to these tennis courts to see if anyone left behind a ball or two.  Well, today was our lucky day!  We found one ball and there was more puddles of water.  Your favorite!

You sat in one puddle.

And then you were concerned about another caterpillar.  You see just a few minutes before, we saw one in the woods and I let it crawl up on the stick you were carrying.  That caterpillar made its way on to your hand and right as you started reaching to grab it with your other hand, mama screamed LOUD.  It just happened on accident(I didnt want to see guts).   After mama screamed, you cried and the only thing that cheered you up was seeing a barking dog.  Then as we walked back out of the woods I apologized over and over and told you that caterpillars are nice but that mama is not good with bugs.  I hope you understand.  I love you my big big boy.


ps.  When Papa saw this picture of a caterpillar he told me he thought it was a centipede and that he squished one the other day.  Oops.


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  2. Yes I am. I never thought it would continue past 13 to 14 months but he is obsessed. It's getting to be much less now.

  3. He's so totally adorable. I love how all these sweet details, precious!!

  4. What an adorable little guy you have. Makes me nastalgic...miss mine being so little. He's 9 now. Still, I need to savor the moments even though he's not so small anymore

  5. I just love his hair! My son in 13 months and I'm refusing to cut his hair any time soon...I'm catching a lot of flack about it too, from some relatives and friends...but I love it a little long and shaggy! I worry about the day he's interested in bugs--I don't do bugs!! :)