Friday, July 13, 2012


Even before I got pregnant I always knew I wanted to give my best effort towards breastfeeding for the first year.  I knew it might not be easy but that the end result would be worth it.  The first week of Sully's life I had to pump because he was in the nicu.  I did so much know every three hours through the night.  It was stressful.  When I finally got to nurse him for the first time it felt like a breeze compared to the pump.  It definitely helped that he was motivated, we were both motivated.    Pretty much from that point on he never really had a bottle and I didn't think anything about it because nursing on demand was working.  Well, about the time I got pregnant a few months ago things started to get painful.  I cringed when he would latch on and I looked forward to him stopping as soon as he would start.   I tried pumping and giving him bottles but of course that didn't really work and I didn't have that much milk left anyway.  It had just become a routine and for him nursing was a source of comfort.  I did encourage him to keep trying different foods and he really started to take interest more and more each day.  

So fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  My family and I were staying the night at a resort in Phoenix.  Sully and I were sharing a bed and I kept wishing it was an acceptable hour to wake up because I couldn't take the night nursing even for one second more.  I did love the cuddles though.  Anyway, he nursed for a couple minutes and that was the last time.  That was it, there was no gradual cutting back on feedings.  It actually was probably the right time for both of us.  Sully was such a champ and just continued on his busy way and I had no pain or engorgement, which means to me that there was limited milk anyway.  Now the nap/bed routine consists of lots of books and back rubs.  This is just what works best for us so far.  

We made it twenty months nursing and far exceeded the original twelve month plan.  I feel good about what we accomplished and am happy to have my boobs back for the next five months or so :).  


  1. That sounds like a smooth transition. I have had several friends that experienced a simular feeling when they got pregnant. My little boy has been nursing for 12 months and we will just have to see what happens from here.

  2. Been following from MN for a couple months -Congrats on being able to do it for so long! I planned on 6 months but couldnt make it work from the start- so I pumped for 10 looooong months and was glad I could produce that long! Enjoy hearing your mommy stories! Take care

  3. I'll miss having "pops" with Sully.