Sunday, December 4, 2011

Randoms regarding Sullivan

Randoms regarding Sullivan:

-He says a very clear "hello" now.  It all started when I would talk on the cell phone.  Now he carries my phone around by his ear and says hello.  He's carried on conversations with family members thanks to his button pushing skills, and he also hangs up abruptly when he's had enough.

-Today I am pretty sure he said "here you go" when he gave me a "ba" (his word for book).  I also could have sworn he said "I love you."  You bet I am going to be working on that one with him now.  Also, the other day I asked him how he was doing and he said "guh" I think that means good.  Ok so maybe I am stretching it a bit but seriously this boy is smart.

-I've taken to talking to Sullivan so much now that twice today Arty said "what?" to me and I had to respond that I was talking to Sullivan.

-I asked Sullivan if he needed his diaper changed this past week and he gave me the wipes and two diapers...haha!  And he pretty much demands that he throw his diapers in the trash each time.  

-His favorite word is "giggle."  I am not kidding he says giggle giggle giggle all day.  I love it.

-He can climb up on the chair in his room now, and he's proud of that.

-He likes raw sunflower seeds, with out the shells of course.  And he loves to drink water.

Well that about wraps it up my quite random but sweet list.


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