Friday, December 16, 2011

The holiday's so far

So far this holiday season I burned through all of our butter baking only to have two separate batches of cookies completely fail.  It was bad.

I mailed out our family Christmas card and I went to town decorating both sides of each envelope.  I wish I could see people's reaction when they get it.  Hahaha these envelopes make me laugh!

 Not sure why the smaller snow flake looks yellow when it was bright green in person...oh well!

Sullivan is LOVING to point at things even me!  He guides me around the house with that finger pointing and making noises when he sees something he wants to touch.

Lots of smiles today.

He gives me this look when he's up to something.

Laughing and laughing.

Here is what all those smiles and chuckles were about...

Opening a gift (puzzle of Puerto Rico, where Arty is from).  Naughty but too cute to not take pictures of :)

All of our gifts have wrapping paper ripped somewhere on it due to Sullivan's curiosity.  And somehow all of the ornaments have migrated to the upper branches of the tree!

Speaking of tree, this week Arty asked me if I looked at the tree and when I did this is what I found.

Yes, those are the dentures he made at school in the tree!  I had to laugh and then I told him most wives find coins in the washing machine but I find these...

Plastic teeth.  Fun stuff!



  1. We got your card!! Christian was like "they are so decorated!!" very cute though!

  2. Cute! I want a Christmas card! Tell Arty I like his taste in ornaments!

  3. Cute! I want a Christmas card! Tell Arty I like his taste in ornaments!

  4. How whimsical your tree decorations are. Nordstroms may hire Arty to decorate their trees next year. Sully, I love your teeth. Thanks for the pictures Megan. By the way, are those my teeth on the tree because I've been looking for them everywhere?