Friday, January 6, 2012

Arizona for the holidays

My parent's navel orange tree is ridiculous this year.  The oranges are HUGE!  I wish I was still there eating a nice cold orange right now.  

We stopped by my grandparent's house and Sully loved the big yard!  I used to walk down this narrow path between the bush and the house when I was growing up too!  Sully found it all on his own.

My mom and grandma trying to wrangle the little guy for a picture.  

Laughing as he escaped and continued on his way

We went to the park a couple times.

And Sully loved the slide.  This was his first time ever going down the slide.

Huge smile :)

First father and son ride down the slide.  So cute!

Man I forgot what going down a slide felt like!  It was scary!  As you can see I am gripping him tightly haha!  I went down this slide on a different day by myself and I flew off the bottom and landed in a hole.  Of course the park was packed with people that day.  It was embarrassing.  

Christmas Eve...trying to get a good picture.  

Sully wasn't happy...poor baby boy.

Another try.

Taking a walk through my aunt and uncle's neighborhood looking at the pretty Christmas lights on Christmas Eve.  

I have so many more pictures and things to update! Stay tuned!



  1. Beautiful! Wish I was there! I like how you are grabbing Sully's crotch on the way down the slide haha!

  2. Wow I miss the weather in the west!! I need some oranges now seeing that giant one! yummy! What a beautiful family you have!