Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Here are some of the thoughts swirling around in my head lately.

-I wonder when Sullivan will start to wean himself.  He is about to be 15 months old and he is obsessed with nursing still.  I have nothing but good things to say about breastfeeding but at this point he is rougher, heavier, and harder to wrangle, lets not mention the nipple twisters (TMI alert) and I am tired. 

-He's not sleeping through the night.  Our nights usually go a little like this.
7:00 to 7:30 bath time
7:30 to 8:00 I rock him to sleep
11 to 12 he wakes up, I rock him and put him back in his crib.  Or if I am functioning on autopilot I bring him into bed with me.
2:00 to 5:00am he wakes up and I almost always bring him into bed if he is not already there with me.
7:30-8:00am wake up to start the day.

There is definitely room for improvement here.  I am not worried about it because we all get plenty of sleep and honestly that is all that matters.  

-He likes to eat:
brown rice
orange peels(true story)
pumpkin and sunflower seeds

-I am also pretty sure Sully has an allergy to milk.  

This picture was taken after I tried giving him baby yogurt in November.  He gets contact reactions even when he touches milk with his fingers.


-I started working out at the student rec center here.  They have child care for a few hours each day and it is  so nice to exercise again!  The first time I took him he cried but calmed down when he was held, the next time he cried for thirty seconds when I dropped him off and then started playing.  Yay!  I also took him to the pool three times last week.  He absolutely loves it and always has a great nap after.  

-We got a juicer and have been enjoying all kinds of fresh juice!

This one was:

I just add ice and enjoy!

Well that is about all I have at the moment.


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