Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine's DIY: Craft of the month

 I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. To Mama today to show you guys a couple little Valentine's decorations I put together.

We say "my love" all the time in our house so I thought a little banner with that on it would be fitting.  I had everything on hand to make this.  

This one is easy.  You only need four things to make it:
-embroidery hoop
-target $1 dish towel
-small peice of ribbon
-decorative pin

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. you did a beautiful job decorating for v-day. i love the simplicity of the banner and all the little details. and i love how you incorporated something that was meaningful to you.. "my love."

    great job girl!

  2. Your decor looks great! (And you have one super cute wee bit on your hands!) I'm your newest follower.