Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well it happened

Well it happened today.   

This morning it was 46 in the car and raining then sometime this afternoon the rain turned to snow and the temperature dropped and BAM we have a winter wonderland upon us.

Snow blanketed our little nest today. 

Sullivan laughed at the snow falling and reached his sweet hands out to grab it.  I even managed to plop a fleece hat on him that he didn't immediately try to pull off.  Probably because it had a little velcro under the chin :) 

This kind of weather called for some of this deliciousness.

This is my favorite winter drink this year(and I am a coffee & hot chocolate drinker).  I think this will be sticking around for years to come.

We also watched this classic cartoon tonight.  

Sully liked the voices.  All in all we had a really great day!



  1. How beautiful and cozy. Great day, love, mom

  2. Sometimes I wish it snowed where I live (Sacramento, CA)! Snow is so pretty after it has just fallen!