Friday, February 3, 2012

Silly things a mom will do

Every day I fall more in love with this little guy.  I do crazy things to get a good chuckle out of him, and if thousands of people were watching I would still do those things because its so worth it.  Those smiles and laughs are like sticky gold stars for my heart and I want to collect millions of them.  

  I showed him that its fun to pretend to be a tree with arms reaching up to the sky and one straight leg way out to the side like branches, all while balancing on the other leg, or "tree trunk" if you will.  He liked it so much he joined in too.  We balanced together.  So there we were in the living room, two trees side by side, giggling.  Oh those giggles!

I sing for him.  I make up words to songs and belt it out at a pitch and volume that only he could love.   But since he loves it, I keep doing it.  I think becoming a momma has been great for my self esteem.  Suddenly I am hilarious and I always have a captive audience who claps for my performance.

We play outside, which is our FAVORITE thing to do.
He never wants to come in the house and would rather stay out no matter the temperature.  I love seeing his face fill with excitement as we walk out the door, his fingers wrapped around my thumb.

He always finds little treasures on these adventures.  Mostly in the form of rocks.

See that orange on his chin?  He found a highlighter, need I say more?

He was looking for the birds :)

Sweet Sullivan, I just can't get enough of you.


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