Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soggy Days

This morning we woke up to a downpour.  After we dropped Arty off for school and ate breakfast the rain subsided and Sully was itching to get outside.  He was still in pajamas, but that's how we roll.

He literally rolled around in the grass.

Round one of playing outside resulted in a sink bath.

Looking for birds.

A boy and his trusty broom.

After his nap he practically put his shoes on himself because that's what he associates with going outside these days.

So out we went, again.

He ended up in another outfit after this because he settled himself into the only patch of mud he could find in the grass.  

Sidenote:  We were upstairs when I saw a big raccoon waddling through this little area we had been playing at earlier in the day.  I picked Sullivan up so that he could look out the window too and within seconds he pointed in the direction of the raccoon and said "dot" which means dog.  Haha!

Just a little craft project I put together and hung up today.  I used the inner hoop of an embroidery hoop, coffee filters folded and glued, and this felt sign I got at Target last year for $1.  Cheap thrills!

Happy Wednesday!


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