Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday the weather almost reached 60 degrees here.  It was a beautiful day.  The clouds bounced playfully in the sky and the sun finally came out.  We soaked it up big time.

I think Sullivan and I both get stir crazy in the winter months.  He'll reach for my finger and lead me to the door so that we can go outside.  So outside we go.

I love seeing him explore and figure out new things.  We watched and listened for birds.

I took him to the park in the afternoon.

A cool breeze came.

But a little wind never stopped us from having a good time.

Pebble, branch, and pine cone art was made.

Oh my what a sweet boy!


P.S. Sullivan has started to give kisses now, complete with the sound effect of his sweet lips getting sucked in and being released.  His kisses are AWESOME!


  1. what a handsome fella :) btw, i'm currently holding a giveaway for my whole-hearted followers if you're interested! i hope we can connect!


  2. Hi new reader! Love your blog and you son is so adorable. How sweet that he is giving you kisses now, I cant wait for my daughter to do that!