Thursday, August 23, 2012

21 Weeks

21 Weeks:  

My energy level has finally increased this week.  I've been taking long hilly walks with Sully and mostly going about our normal routine.  The baby's movements are becoming stronger, which I love.  I remember after Sully was born I was struck by how strange it was to not be feeling movements in my belly anymore.  My body was used to it. 

I sewed this maxi skirt yesterday out of the softest jersey material.  It was a quick project (always the most satisfying). 

no make-up yet haha.

I started to crochet a blanket for the baby last week and it is turning out so cute.  I'll share soon.  



  1. You are gorgeous and your belly looks so toned!

  2. Love the skirt. Sewing is so fun.

  3. love your bump! cute skirt :)

  4. Can you make me a duplicate skirt like that for the next time I get pregnant??? You looks so cute Megs as always! I agree with Whiskey above... how is it that you have a toned pregnant belly? How is that possible?

  5. Oh my you look so beautiful!

    Your bump is too cute! Was it hard to learn how to crochet?