Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sullivan at 22 Months

Its hard to believe that our boy is 22 months old.  He is so full of personality and is almost always busy moving things around or trying to figure something out.  He is already becoming more independent each day, satisfied to line up cars or stack blocks in the shape of sailboats.  Of course he likes mama to play too, he especially likes me to draw little fish on paper, but its nice to see him using his imagination all on his own.  


Sully has been saying "mommy-o trash" because one day a couple weeks ago he saw me run outside and give the garbage men our trash.  Now every time he helps me throw something away he'll say those words.  

More words he says often:
Daddy & Mommy-sometimes daddy-o & mommy-o
Bagel(sounds like be-bull)
George and Georgie-from Curious George, his current favorite
Cookie(emphasis on the ooookie)
Thank you
Rice(sounds like ice)
Pock Pock-because that's what hens sound like so when he says it he wants to eat chicken :)
Bops-balls, motorcycles, & bikes
Oh my 

Sullivan has been doing so much better in the sleep department. Some of you may remember that we co-slept pretty much for a year and a half.  These days I'll put him in his crib around 8:30-9:00 and sing him our night night song(silent night) and rub his back and he'll sleep until 5:30-6:30.  The past few weeks of this have been some of the best nights sleep I have had since he's been born.  I am so thankful for hours of continuous sleep.

 (resting his head on my leg, while we were playing on the floor)

Even though he is sleeping on his own at night he still loves to cuddle and I cherish that time we have together.  

This is what he does when he is pausing to think.  He'll put a finger over his lips and go "hmmmmm."  

(one of the only pictures I could get while he was still haha)

Lately we've been meeting up with a group of moms at the park and just recently the kids have really started interacting with each-other.  They will collect rocks in the same bucket, or take turns rolling cars down the slides.  Its been fun for Sullivan and so fun for all of us proud mamas too.

(he's resting his hand on my neck/shoulder)

Mostly, I am so in love with the little person that he already is.  He is more than I ever imagined and we are so blessed to have him.  Each day is a new adventure for us and I'm soaking him up.  



  1. So in Krio (the language spoken here) they add that "o" to the end of everything so he would fit right in! So glad he's sleeping better at night! Makes SUCH a difference!

  2. Happy 22 months sweet Sullivan!