Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday (10.23.2012)

Dear Sullivan,
 You are the most loving two year old around.  Your daddy and I look forward to your tight hugs and sweet kisses each day.  

You like to grab our hands and pull us in the direction you want to go, which is a lot of places.

You love being involved in whatever we are doing.  So I include you in as much as I can.  You enjoy sitting on the kitchen counter to help me mix ingredients or help with your daddy's coffee on the espresso maker.   When ever he finished his drink you get concerned and want to make another one for him.  You'll walk into the kitchen and put the cup on the counter-top directly in front of the espresso machine.  Smart boy.  You also put dishes in the sink for us, and still love throwing things in the trash.

You've stunned us with your smart ways countless times.  One day your daddy asked you if you wanted a drum set and you started moving your hands like a drummer would.  We were shocked because we have never shown you anything drum related before.

You ask for baths during the day, and often take a couple cars in there with you.  You try to pull your diaper off and get all your clothes off as well.   If you could be naked all the time you totally would.

You've gotten so much better in situations where other people watch you.  We go to MOPS and you will cry when I drop you off but you must quickly calm down because the ladies always tell me how good you were when I go pick you up.  A year ago I would get my named called to go pick you up from the nursery because you wouldn't calm down, so this is a BIG step for you.

You are so so curious about EVERYTHING.  You constantly ask "what's this?" or "what's that noise?"  And you are almost always finding things, like acorns, rocks, or leaves.

Your dad has these loose plastic teeth that he works on at school and you found a few and put them in your little cars, then you asked for "more teeth."  Haha.

You also had your first dental appointment and we went to see your daddy.  At first you were not happy about it at all, but then you came around and were so sad to leave daddy at school.

You lift my shirt to kiss the baby and then you lift up your shirt so I can kiss your belly.  So sweet.

You and your friends have started to play together rather than just near each other.  Its adorable to watch.

You are 35 inches tall and 29-30 pounds.  You wear a size 6 shoe and size 2 clothes.  

Interesting foods you love to eat:
raw beets
sushi(not the raw fish kind yet)
green olives

I love that you have really started liking food over the last four months.  It took you a while to get excited about eating but now you are always open to trying new things.

Some of the first words I hear you say when you wake up in the morning are:

"all done"
"georgie?" (because you love watching Curious George)

You always give me a kiss in the morning.

You are embarrassed by my dancing, however you eventually come around and start dancing too.  You mostly run in circles, roll on the floor, and march your feet.

Favorite toys to play with:
 -just about any car or toy with wheels
-balls of any kind but its especially cute to hear you say "golf ball"

We are so blessed to have you.  Happy second birthday Sullivan!  I love you so so much, more than I ever imagined.  


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