Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

As soon as he saw this little train ride he happily bolted to the very front car and sat down.  I strapped him in and stood back because I had a feeling it would be interesting when the tractor started pulling.

As soon as the tractor started he looked at me and said "mommy" and did the sign for finished.  I just smiled away and followed the train, sometimes waving and taking pictures.  I was the only parent following the train but it was a big loop and I needed pictures 

I could not stop laughing when he went into this sad charlie brown position.

Not sure why I was chuckling to myself, but I was.

As we were walking to the start of the corn maze we saw some kids feeding the horse some corn.  So I was not surprised when Sully picked up this piece of corn in the maze and held it the whole way through so he could feed the happy horse.

Loved rearranging the pumpkins.

And that about wraps up our trip to the pumpkin patch. 

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