Thursday, October 11, 2012

Little update

Last weekend we took Sully to the farm at our local university here.  Sully loved the animals, especially the cows and sheep.

He also had his first hayride.  He loved that it was pulled by a tractor.

Sully is mostly moved into his new bedroom.  I still need to do a couple things to really complete it but so far he really likes it.

This is his bed.  I love that he doesn't need rails because it's not far off the ground at all.  He climbs up and down on his own.  I painted the fish for him because all he ever wants me to draw are fish in his little notebook with crayons.

Belly at 28-29 weeks.  My last ultrasound had the baby measuring a little over a week ahead of my due date  which is January 3rd.  The ultrasound guessed December 24th.  So I guess its safe to say we will most likely have a holiday baby, either Christmas or New Year's. 

When we ask for hugs he wraps his arms around our necks and squeezes and when we ask for kisses he smacks his lips together and plants one on us.  

What a joy he is to have.  So so blessed.


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  1. This whole post is beautiful.. But I need to state the obvious and say what GREAT belly shots! I just had my first 4 months ago and I wish my belly looked that good at that stage. Next time around I won't be an inactive piggy! :) I don't know what got into me!

    Anyways, adorable family you have there.. Glad I found your blog!