Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sweet sweet Sullivan

This week it has been so cold here!  Its been snowing almost everyday so far.  Being from Phoenix, this kind of weather is only experienced up in northern AZ.  Sooo basically I have been taking tons of pictures of Sully.  He has really started smiling when he's awake.  By the way nobody ever told me that babies smile and laugh in their dreams practically from birth.  Its one of my FAVORITE things!!   I also love when we hold hands while he's eating or when he's crying I reach for his hand and he gives it a tight squeeze and it helps him relax and calm down.  Yesterday I brought him in the bath with me and he loved it.  

He normally has a bath in his PUJ tub which has been so great for us and is so easy to use!  
This was after his first real bath since his umbilical cord had just fallen off.

I have also been loving my ergo carrier...thanks Kaysie!! I use it everyday to do household things like laundry and  dishes.  (This picture was from back in AZ)

Sleep...well I will do my best to describe how we achieve sleep at all and how much we get.  At night around 8pm we head to bed.  I lay Sullivan down on the bed on his side and then I scoot in and lay facing him on my side.  Then I breastfeed him until he falls asleep.  I have tried transferring him to his pack and play or crib but he always wakes up.  So instead he stays next to me all night and when he wakes up around 12, 3, and 5am I feed him again and change his diaper.  This sleeping arrangement is something that I know we will need to work on but for right now it works for us.  During the day he only naps from 8am until about 10am.  This has been the time where we maybe go to Barnes and Noble to look at magazines, or walk around Target, or pick up some groceries.  Then when he wakes up he is really awake until its 8 pm.  I do put him in the I mentioned to do things and he usually will take about an hour nap or so.   

Well here are a couple cute pictures of our sweet sweet boy!

Have a great day!


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