Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Special Moments

This year has been one of the best years of my life, if not the very best.  There were alot of "I'll never forget moments." 
 Like opening the big envelope that finally came in the mail with my husband on the phone and being the one to tell him he got accepted into dental school.  Then running out the front door and jumping into his arms when he got out of the car.  Let me just say that Arty really worked so hard to make that happen. 
 Like telling each other that it was time to start trying for a baby. 
 Like in February seeing that faint positive line on the pregnancy test in the bathroom at work.  I'll never forget Arty's expression when I asked him if he could see that positive too. 
 I'll never forget telling my parents and brother about being pregnant and the first thing my brother says when we sit down in regards to the huge gift bag (with the gift I had gotten to surprise my family inside) is "what's in there a baby." 
My mom brought that gift (a framed picture that I took in Newport Beach, CA that said "baby on board" written into the sand) to dinner with my aunt, uncle and cousin Kaysie and put it on the table and my aunt and cousin started crying immediately.  Loved that surprise.
Like seeing our baby with arms and legs at 12 weeks and watching him bounce around.  We were amazed.
Like finding out our baby was a boy at 16 weeks.
Like letting everyone know with filled cupcakes with blue frosting :)
Like learning how to crochet from youtube so I could make our baby a blanket
I'll never forget having Kaysie at our 20 week appointment because I wanted her to see Sullivan before she left for an extended stay in Africa
It was amazing seeing Sullivan's face in 3D at my 28 week appointment
Like feeling Sully move in my belly
Like exercise dates with Kaysie and Arty
Like the labor and delivery of our precious gift and holding him for the first time
Like feeling helpless when Sullivan was put in the nicu for respiratory distress 
And then feeling so happy to be able to take him home a week later
Like all of Sullivan's firsts:
First bath
First walk around the block
First smile
First time he said "goo"...I may have shed a few tears
First Thanksgiving at aunt Tammy's
First Christmas at home
First time he fell asleep on my chest
First time Arty soothed him 

Wow that list is long...I am really looking forward to 2011.  I want to savor every second with my little family. Every moment  is a gift and if there is anything I have learned as the years pass, its that time is fleeting.  I just want to soak up this special time in our lives.  



  1. Wow...those definitely are great moments. You're gonna have a zillion more! Happy New Year! XOXO

  2. Happy New Year! That is a great list. Almost made me cry myself to hear all the very special moments you experienced last year. :)