Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Thoughts for Today

I can't tell you how many times a day I think to myself,  I hope I remember...(fill in the blank) or make a note that he just did (something adorable).  Sullivan has totally rocked my world and changed the way I look at time.  I want to remember everything, especially the small things. For example, right now he is curled up next to me in bed making sweet noises while he dreams, his eyes are flickering and his little fist is balled up under his chin and resting on my chest.  And I know that he will never be this small again.  This is a special moment and each day is filled with so many of them its impossible to write them all down,  I am just scared I'll forget.  It seems like almost every mom that stops me while we're out to ask how old he is says that they forgot how small babies are, because they grow so fast.  I hope that's not me one day.
Here he is on Christmas morning just stretching on our bed,,,he's wearing a sleep gown that my brother and I wore when we were babies.  My mom saved our clothes so he has some vintagy (probably not a word) things to wear.
I just had to have a picture of his sweet legs and little piggies...don't mind my leg.  PS I don't love how my leg looks when its crossed...Ha
Here he is on New Years Eve.  I love that tummy and those cheekers!
Tomorrow is Sully's belated two month appointment so I will write a post with his stats.


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