Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple Sweet Days

Well, we woke up to lots of this.

And I thought it would be fun to snap some pictures of the little man and I out in it.

I'm not sure if he enjoyed the snow or not but he definately looked cute!

Then we lounged a bit.

 and... I sewed a hole in Arty's pajama pants and threw in a load of laundry and tried to straighten up a bit.  Arty helped with dinner and then I whipped up some super delicious chocolate chip cookies.  Little Sullivan has been making the cutest cooing sounds.  I am obsessed with them.

Today was simple.  Simple is sweet!



  1. I love your hair in that last photo {secretly wish I had that much hair} and Chocolate chip cookies Im jealous! now I need to go make some!

  2. Cozy and delicious day with Sully. Arturo is such a good cook and your cookies are yummy. (your a fabulous cook too.) I love your pictures so much!