Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little bit of what we did today

Well, today started like most days.  Sully woke up at 5:30 and we did the usual diaper change, eat breakfast, get dressed, make coffee, and take Arty to school.  Then I decided to do a face mask and some crafting when we got home.

(wearing a men's plain white tee, not pictured black leggings with socks over them, ergo carrier with the little man, giant yellow flower headband that I only wear for masks, and a avocado oatmeal mask)
LOVELY right??
I did pop the whitening trays in but I'll spare you that picture.
On to crafting...

Here's a preview of my craft room.

And this little guy kept me company


And for the first time he reached out and picked up a toy.

Then I gave Sully a bath and went to pick Arty up from school. When we came home I hopped in the shower and then I painted my toe nails dark blue.  There is just something about having painted nails that makes me feel GREAT!

Here's a cute picture that Arty took of our boy.  He is such a  proud dad!

I made a pork dinner in the crockpot we ate that and I topped my meal off with some coffee ice cream.  Its my favorite flavor!  I gave Arty a mask and we watched some shows on Netflix.  I'm calling it a night and am heading to bed.


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  1. so glad you indulged yourself in a mask, you deserve it :).