Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday started with an amazing breakfast made by Arty.  It included crispy hash browns and bacon and two eggs over medium.  I could seriously eat breakfast every meal of the day!  Its my favorite.  Then I did some cleaning and played with Sully.  We went to Barnes and Noble while Arty studied I flipped through a few magazine's while the babe napped in his car-seat.  All in all it was a pretty low key day.  For dinner Arty made his version of kung pao chicken with brown rice.  It tasted just like Pei Wei (for those people who live in AZ) or P.F. Changs if you don't.  I was really amazed.  I'll be taken some pictures of these meals going forward to show you his skills.

Sunday we headed to Joann's, the craft store.  Its a 30 minute drive.  I got some different fabrics and I'm so looking forward to some fun projects.  The husband put together an awesome craft room for me here.  Once I have things more organized I snap some pictures.  There's two sweet tables in there, one is long and thin and my serger and sewing machine are set up there ready to go and the other table is shorter and wider so I plan on using that one for cutting fabric and other crafty things.  Back to the days then we ate at IHOP for lunch and I had some of the harvest grain and nut pancakes with sugarfree syrup.  It is DELISH!  I'm telling you that if you have not tried those pancakes you should go get some quick!  Sully was so good, he just sat on my lap while we ate.  Then our little fam hung out at home and and Arty cooked a meal for us yet again.  He made a roast in the pressure cooker and I savored every bite.

Today I woke up with the little man at 5.  He is waking up earlier and earlier now.  I hope we don't start going back to 3am wake ups!!!  I did some laundry and started cutting some of the fabric I got at Joann's for this project I have in mind.  Sully took a nap and then Arty and I got some cuddle time in.  Yay!  Arty has been studying some more today and I've been busy with the little man.  I wanted to mention that Sully has started grabbing things like his clothes and bibs or blankets and bringing them up to his mouth.  He has also been making some of the CUTEST sounds and once he starts he keeps going for like five to ten minutes at a time.  Here are some pictures of Sully today.  He's wearing this adorable mint green polo and diaper cover that used to be my brothers.  I think he looks so handsome!

Last thought...I think I need to learn how to cut boys hair, as in my husband's.  Anyone out there ever attempt that task?  I need some tips!!  I was thinking that maybe youtube had some videos that could teach me....haha!


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