Friday, January 14, 2011

The Rundown

So today started for me at 6:30 am.  

Here is he sitting patiently on our bed while I get dressed for the day.  I ate breakfast and made coffee and then we dropped Arty off at school at 8.

We came back home and then Sully ate and took a short nap.

LOVE these!

Then when Sully woke up I gave him a bath which he liked.

All wrapped up in the hooded towel I made for him.

 He fell asleep again for a short nap.

I know I'm late posting but here are some after bare belly shots.  Here I am one day short of 12 weeks post partum.

Then I got Sully dressed and to my surprise he is already fitting six month clothes!

Then we went and picked up Arty at school.  He had a short day and was off at 11.  We went grocery shopping and got ingredients to make chicken noodle soup from scratch.  Then we ate lunch at Jimmy Johns.

Here is a sweet picture of my two loves.  I hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. He's such a cutie! I love that towel, btw, if you ever want to sell them...I'll buy heeheehee :)

  2. Megan, you look amazing post baby. What's your secret? Kudos!

  3. Your lil boy is adorable love all his hair!!! And you look absolutely amazing for just having a baby! Look forward to reading more!!!

  4. You have an adorable blog, a beautiful baby boy and I LOVE the name Sullivan!