Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Weekend

Well, I had almost finished Sully's stocking before he was born I just needed to finish off the top and sew on a loop.  Arty and I had never really had stockings as a couple during our Christmases together so I decided to sew some up really quick.  Now that Sully is here I just have been feeling the need to make our own traditions.  They turned out cute.  I just did a rough trace of Sully's stocking and made ours.  I need to post a picture.  So anyway on Christmas Eve we ate turkey.  It was yummy.  Then on Christmas morning I made ebelskiver filled pancakes with my pan from William Sonoma.  I made these last year after I received it as a gift from my mom.  Its amazing.  I put dark chocolate chips in them and also slices of banana.
Then we opened presents and that was nice.  My family sent us a box full of goodies.  Sully got some great toys and books.  I already got him this one.
But my mom got him this one which I'm excited for him to play with down the road.

My brother found this great toy at the Giggle store in Scottsdale.
We had a very sweet and white Christmas with this truly amazing gift, the best most precious gift I have ever been given.



  1. I got Tripp the same dump truck & my mom got him the garbage truck too. He's 8 mos and turns the trucks over and eats the wheels. They're really cool trucks. XOXO

  2. I never knew what ebelskiver was until I met my hubby's family. Will have to see about trying it with the chocolate chips and banana sometime that sounds yummy! :)

  3. Awesome to hear about the trucks!! I can't wait for Sully to play with them. And YES the ebelskivers are so so so yummy. How does your husband's family fill them? I would like to try other ways.