Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent happenings

A little story about our visit to the park today.
This park is near a daycare and sometimes when the weather is nice the kids walk over to the park for some play time.  Anyway, there were probably twenty little four and five year olds running around.  Sullivan was  in awe of these 'older' kids and eventually got right in the middle of the pack.  One kid in particular asked me if Sullivan was "like a baby", I said he was kind of in the middle of being a baby and a big boy.  This little boy who told me he was four, took Sully under his wing and ran on this ramp with him over and over again.  Sully was laughing so hard and doing jumps and things I have never seen him do before.  There were a couple steps at one end of the play area and I took Sully's hand to help him and the other little boy grabbed his other hand and helped.  Then when the two of them were standing in the mulch I saw Sully reach for this little boy and what happened next completely made my day.  The little boy bent over and picked Sully up and his legs wrapped around this little boy like the little koala bear that he is.  He only held him for a couple seconds and made a comment about him being heavy,  but it was the first time another kid picked up my kid and it felt like a huge moment to me for some reason.  When the little boy had to go he gave Sully a hug and Sully said "bye bye" to him.  They were friends that met at the park.  And now I'm seeing it.  My baby boy is not such a baby anymore.  I'm going to have to let that thought soak in for a little while.



  1. I really enjoyed this story and the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh my gosh ~ sully has gotten big!! he's a handsome little man!!

  3. Your little boy is adorable!!