Monday, March 12, 2012

Saying Goodbye

I found out last night that the doctor who delivered Sullivan passed away suddenly at 39 years old.  My sweet Dr. Shannon Moorehead, I am completely stunned.  

At my eight week appointment she did all of the normal things and gave me an ultrasound herself.  At my twelve week appointment she listened to me talk about having just lost my job and our uncertainty about insurance, sensing emotion in my voice she gave me an ultrasound to "peek" at the baby.  She loved looking at the ultrasound with me and I remember just smiling so much as we watched our little peanut bouncing around.  Then again at my sixteen week appointment she asked me if we wanted to find out what we were having and we definitely did, so she gave me an ultrasound.  It was then that we found out we were having a boy.

Three of the four ultrasounds I had were given by her.   I was 28 weeks pregnant when August came around and it was time for Arty to start dental school on the other side of the country.  She knew my fears and anxiety over the possibility that he could miss the birth of our sweet boy.  I looked forward to every doctor appointment and it was agreed that at 39 weeks I would be induced so that my husband could buy a plane ticket and be with me in the delivery room to witness what was nothing short of a miracle.

 (Don't mind the position)

I think her face says EVERYTHING about who she was to me.

  I am honored that her hands were the first to touch my sweet baby's skin.  Her's were the first arms to reach for him and hold him and look in his eyes and witness his first breath of air.  My labor and delivery was truly amazing and she was a HUGE part of that experience.

 October 23, 2010

I remember that it was important for me to give her something so I got her a black stretchy elastic headband with a silver sequined bow on it because she sometimes wore cute headbands.


A week after delivery I had some bleeding and Dr. Moorehead checked me and gave me her cell phone number to call if I needed.  She encouraged me with breastfeeding (because I had to pump for over a week before I nursed Sully for the first time) and said that she had a rough start with one of her three babies and he ended up doing great with nursing.  She was right, Sullivan loves breastfeeding(even now but that's another story).  When I went in for my follow up appointment she was wearing the headband I got her.  It was the day before my dad, Sully, and I headed on our drive from Phoenix to West Virginia, my voice was shaky and I told her that I hoped she would deliver more of my babies.  She gave me a long, tight hug that day.  

I got to see her this past summer when she delivered my cousin's baby boy, Aden on July 18th.  She was wonderful and talked of her anniversary that had just passed.   Dr. Moorehead was the best doctor I could have ever imagined.  I won't find another like her.  My heart is aching for her husband and three little boys, who she talked so much about.

One last thing.  Sullivan has been known to call people from my phone.  On February 28th he called her cell phone.  I am not sure if he left a message or not but he loves to say "hello."  Anyway, I saw later in the day that she called back.  I wish I would have heard my phone ring so I could have talked to her.  

As always, words fall short to properly convey how she touched my life and my family's life.  She will be so deeply missed.  



  1. That was a beautiful tribute to an extremely special person. Just seeing your pictures just touches me so much. There are just no words

  2. I too wrote a blog about Dr.Moorehead after I heard the horrible news, she was the most amazing doctor and lady. We were so blessed to have her deliver our children and help us throughout our pregnancies. I will miss her so much. I really loved your amazing photos, they so eloquently captured her beautiful spirit. What an amazing keepsake. God bless her family. And God bless you. Anna Bumford

  3. Thank you for sharing your story... I am also a patient of Dr. Moorehead... she really was spectacular and will be truly missed. Do you know how she passed? Thanks again for sharing...

  4. I don't know how she passed away. I wish I knew.

    1. I am so sorry to tell you all that Dr. m took her own life.

    2. I think most of her patients are aware of this by now. Her loss was tragic and heartwrenching, and I still think about her pretty much daily. I would do anything to be able to go back to those last few days / something.

  5. I dont know you, but I saw your post on the memorial and I had to come read your blog. Thank you for your awesome tribute to her and the great pictures. My name is Andrea.

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  8. I miss her terribly also. I love your pictures of her. Captures her spirit beautifully.

  9. It seems that the special Dr. Shannon M. continues to bring life to others by her legacy. I was also her patient for the last 9-10 years and I am so honored to be able to read and see her pictures on your blog. How touching to know and see again how many lives she helped bring in to this world and how many women she encouraged and empowered.

    She delivered two of my children and performed my surgery - without her I know that I wouldn't be where I am today emotionally, physically, mentally. . . . I owe so much to her and I know that every day I am here living this life because of her care and skilled hands. She was such a special lady and I will never forget her.

    Much love and hugs in our common loss,


  10. I was thinking about Dr. Moorehead today and decided to google her name and found your wonderful blog post. Dr. Moorehead delivered all 4 of my babies and I had her cell number as well whenever I needed anything she was there...I love her like family and am so sad she is gone. All of us ladies are definitely the lucky ones having had such an amazing lady there when we had the best moments of our lives.

  11. It's very sad still to this day to think about. I don't know why she did it, no one will ever. She was always so happy and made you feel so comfortable. That office will never be the same, the happy photos on the wall with her and the newborns. I don't know this but my daughter might of been the last labor she did on 2-10-12. Very sad , thank you Dr.Moorehead I'm sorry