Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Anthro Inspired: Bottled Garden Stakes

Hello!  I am linking up with From Mrs. To Mama for her March DIY link up today.

From time to time I torture myself and peruse Anthropologie's website.  Yesterday I saw these adorable garden stakes and immediately was INSPIRED.  They looked simple, sweet, and perfectly SPRING so I set out to DIY them in my own way. 

STEP ONE: I cleaned up an old wine bottle.

STEP TWO: Sullivan and I scoured our yard for a long branch.  Yay for neighbors with large trees!

STEP THREE:  I found some floral wire that I had never found a use for and twisted them around the bottle, securing them to the branch.

STEP FOUR:  I used a little hand shovel to dig a small hole in the grass and wedged the stick in the ground.

STEP FIVE:  Plucked some pretty stems in the yard to display in the vase.

That's it!

Here is what my version looks like.

Pretty cute, right?

I want to get some jute twine to cover the wires but this works for now.  The whole project took me a few minutes and cost next to nothing.  I can't wait to make a few more!  It instantly added a touch of Spring to our little patio.



  1. Stopping by from Becky's blog. That looks great! AND you got to drink wine to get that much needed bottle right? You had such a great assistant too!

  2. Dito on those, love the idea. I'm gonna give it a whirl too!