Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Zoo

This past Wednesday we drove up to Pittsburgh to check out the zoo.  We had a great time even though some of the exhibits were missing animals (hello where were the giraffes?).  The highlight of the zoo was seeing Sullivan pet a goat.  His face just lit up!

Am I the only one that gets a little sad seeing animals in captivity?

Love my boys...and check out Sullivan's shark backpack!

YAY for friendly goats!

Second visit to a zoo goes down as a success.  Check out his first visit to the zoo here.

PS.  Sullivan totally slept nine hours in his crib one night this week.  My first time ever getting more than six consecutive hours of sleep in almost a year and a half! Good baby boy :)


  1. So cute! And yay for the sleep! We'll have to catch up soon on skype!

  2. Seriously I was kinda blow away by the lions! When do you ever see lions doing anything but napping at the zoo? lucky you.