Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magical Plant

This afternoon we stumbled upon a magical plant.  The kind of plant that just begs to be shaken like a wand or blown at so that all of its little seeds can fly away.

It was love at first shake, and then we were off.  Off to find as many as we could in our little yard.

As soon as one was spotted we picked it ever so carefully as to keep the little fluffy seed ball intact.  Once picked, Sullivan would shake the stem vigorously.  If the last of the seeds just wouldn't let go, he would blow them.  

He practically ran from each plant.  Eager and excited to get to the next one.  Most times he let me pick them for him.

I love the way those little seeds danced in the wind.  They floated like little ballerinas and often landed on our clothes and in our hair.

I feel like often the very simplest things in life get tucked away or passed by.  Not intentionally, its most likely because we all have our routine and lists that help guide our day and keep us on track.  Often when there is a busy day I tend to forget where my day went.  Its like those days speed by and when my head hits the pillow I wonder if I took the time to really impact my little one, even if in the smallest of ways.  

I find my self much more at peace when I can actually look back at the day and remember a few extraordinary moments that were experienced.  Today it was the magical plant and with the help of arty he flipped his first pancake(very carefully & completely protected).

I am loving every second of this boy.  



  1. That face! He is TOO DELICIOUS!!!

    Great pics, too - you have such a good eye!

  2. I'm so lucky to have a Boy who loves magical plants too!