Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toilet time

I'm pretty sure that Sully will be potty trained before he sleeps through the night.  In fact I have a bet with the husband to that affect.  He'll be 17 months old on the 23rd and has started to do some funny things when he is preparing to go number two.  I know now that when he goes into his closet and shuts the door, it means he is trying to poop.  The little guy wants his privacy!  The other sure sign is when he sprints from point A to point B.  If I see him randomly start to run as fast as he can(sometimes in circles) I'll check his diaper and sure enough he's taken care of business.  He totally communicates.

 This is him in his closet doing things.  I really should get it more organized and functional.

I think it's time to get some potty training supplies.



  1. ummm... so I've got Aden peeing and pooping on his little bjorn potty. I bet Sully can TOTALLY do it!