Thursday, May 5, 2011

A couple funny things from today

So today I wanted to go on a run with Sully in the jogging stroller.  I got him all situated with a blanket and his "sofie" the giraffe toy.  Then I ran and he fell asleep.  When we got back home I took him out and didnt see the giraffe ANYWHERE.  My heart sank because that's not a cheap toy to just drop somewhere in a ditch.  I understand that may be an exaggeration but still, he loves the toy.  For about a minute I came to terms with it being gone but then I quickly decided that we were going to hop in the car and FIND THAT TOY.  I drove along the road and didn't see it until I came to a red light and then BOOM there it was laying in the middle of the sidewalk along a busy road.  I had no place to turn into to get it, I watched a lady jog past it and I was honestly worried she might steal it.  I finally parked and ran through muddy grass with Sully on my hip to get the toy.  I was very happy with myself.  After a good scrubbing "Sofie" is as good as new.  

The other funny thing happened at Starbucks.  I was waiting for my drink to be made with Sully in my arms and I felt the telltale warm liquid run down my arm.  I grabbed a napkin and wiped my arm and Sully's mouth.   I got my drink and then sat with my husband for a little bit while he was studying.  As I walked out I noticed a  familiar white chunky liquid on one of the arm chairs (fabric one).  Turns out that small spit up I had wiped off me was actually much larger and left a small pile of spit up on the chair.  I felt bad for not cleaning it up sooner.  


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