Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seven Months Old

Everyone says that kids grow up fast, and before I had one I never really understood.  Now that I have a child I know that common phrase is 100% true.  Sullivan is such a happy boy.  He smiles and laughs most of the day.  He is so curious and fun to watch.  Everyday I think he looks bigger than the day before.  

Here are some of his firsts this month:

Crawling...it's the army crawl but it still counts and he gets faster and faster each day.  And he gets up on his hands and knees and rocks there.

Sleeping in the crib in his room.  As you know he co-slept with us because it made breastfeeding so easy.  It's been a whole week now that he has slept in the crib and it has been amazing for everyone.   I think Sully sleeps better and is more rested in the crib.  Plus the husband and I get more time together now that I'm not in bed at 7...haha!

He started saying baba.  Not sure what he means but its getting close to momma and papa.  And its adorable.

We've tried giving him some food for the first time this month(avocado and bananas) but he's not that interested in it.  We'll keep trying to introduce different foods as time goes on.

He fell asleep on Arty for the first time since he was a newborn.  It was so cute.  Sully mostly naps on me because I nurse him and he zonks out but this time he was so relaxed that when I handed him to Arty and checked a few minutes later he was asleep.

He weighs 22.4 pounds and I am not sure how tall he is.

AHHH My husband and I are so in love with him!!


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