Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What we've been up to:

Saturday I decided to take Sullivan to Ikea.  Its an hour and a half away but I packed us up and we headed out to be there when it opened.  Sully napped the whole way there.  Once we got there I put him in his stroller and stuffed the Ergo carrier in the basket below just in case he wanted out.  Well, he had a few major screaming spells.  I just bounced and walked with him and nothing seemed to calm him down.  I think he probably just wanted to play on the floor and not be strapped in to anything.  It was a huge scene, and of course as I checkout he totally calms down and falls asleep.  Sooo we went to H & M and I got three shirts and two dresses on sale.

Sunday we went to church and just hung out.  I have been loving Pinterest.  I don't know if my explanation will do it justice but its a website where people can post their "pins" or basically bookmarks of things they find and like online.  It's an amazing resource of ideas and inspiration.  I am literally exploding with ideas on the DIY section.  Go check it out if you haven't already.

Sullivan has been rolling everywhere.  It's truly amazing how mobile he is.  He especially loves paper products.  So we have to keep those things up and out of his way or he will inevitably find them and put them in his mouth.

He's started banging on things with both hands in unison.  Its really adorable.  And he also has started being more interested in books, which is fun!

Arty, my husband is taking finals all week so he is studying TONS.  Then he get's one week off before starting again.  

Here are some sweet pictures of the little man today.


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