Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Constant Companion

I don't know about you but all day I walk around chatting with my baby. 
 I don't hold back, oh no-sir I just say whatever I'm thinking...only the nice stuff of course.  Before having Sullivan I don't think I ever realized that I was having a constant internal dialog with myself.  
For example, in the morning I'll tell Sully "good morning, it's time to make coffee" and "momma's going to go change your diaper now."
 I also find myself giving Sully a  rundown of our to-do list in the car like,
 "first we are going to the grocery store so momma has something yummy to make for dinner, and then we are going to go home and play, then you will take a little nap, and momma will do some cleaning."
The best though is when we are out and about in stores and I'll narrate the experience for him.  He's my companion, and so I like to include him and make sure he knows what's going on...ha!  Yes, people do look at me when I'm talking to my little mister man, I'm not sure what they are thinking when they see us but I really don't care.  We are having fun and that's all that matters.

Do you talk to your babies all the time too? It's so much better than talking to yourself :-)


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  1. I definitley talk to my baby girl. I tell her when I'm going to change her diaper, and when I'm making her a bottle, etc. I love seeing her the ABC's in the car.