Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sharp Baby Nails and Other High Points of the Day

Today was another good day.  We ran some errands, went grocery shopping, made the dough for these brioche rolls, Sully napped in my arms, I took a shower, made dinner, and did some weight lifting and squats while Sully was in his swing watching me.   He normally hates his swing so he must have been entertained.

Here's a peek into our little day.

  Waking up from a nap.

He loves sucking his fingers and fists and will even guide our fingers into his mouth.

His expression here is so cute...he looks deep in thought.

Sweet feet.

Check out those eye lashes!!!  So dark and long.  AND the poor scratch on his face.  I am having a hard time  keeping up with his nails.  I file them and they don't feel sharp and then he finds a way to scratch.  I need tips on this please please please.


Laying belly to belly.  We all love cuddling around here.  Somehow it calms me to feel Sully's belly rise and fall and to hear his soft breaths.  My oh my it's one of my favorites!



  1. the pictures of your little boy are so sweet! love that you document him everyday so much... its awesome!

  2. What a handsome little man you've got there! My mom's advice on nails was to bite them off. I though she was crazy until I tried it and it is really the easiest way to keep up with those nails!

    When I'm nursing him I hold his little hand and just bite them like I do my own! He doesn't fight me and I don't worry about getting him with the clippers and now he giggles when I do it =)

  3. I love the Pictures of Sully. Thanks Megan.

  4. He is sooo cute Megan! I love his dark blue eyes!