Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Pillow

Introducing the pillow I made.  
Actually just the cover.  So I found a two pack of throw pillows on sale at Tarjay for $3, the fabric I found at Ikea for $1.99/yard, and the buttons were just something I had on hand.  

Now, this pillow doesn't go in Sully's crib I just put it there because turquoise and orange are my all time favorite color combo.

And here is the little mister...I think he likes the pillow.


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  1. Cute Megs! Good work! You may have to get me started on some sewing projects when we are both back. I want to do crib sheets and a baby bumper. Also, I loved the post of the nursery. Very cute. And I like the daily beauty routine. I like that you get stuff at Tarjay because I like the cheaper chicken :)