Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sullivan's birth story: Part One

Sullivan's birth story: Part One

It all started on October 22, 2010.  I was 39 weeks pregnant and set to be induced.  I woke up at 5am and took a bath.  Then my mom and I headed over to Einstein’s and met my aunt (aka Tamarino) for a light breakfast.  Then we went to the hospital to get things going at 7am.  I filled out paperwork and had to do a few tests and get hooked up to the monitors.  I was given my first dose of cervadil to soften my cervix around 8:30, then I had to wait in the bed for two hours and then walk around the hospital for an hour.  My mom and I walked the hallways and saw the babies in the nursery.  I was getting so excited.  So at 11:30 my mom had to go and help my brother Stephen get ready for his graduation that started at 2 but he had to be there early.  Tamarino came and sat with me at the hospital while I got the second dose of cervadil.  They had me lay down for a longer time because  my contractions were too close to each other but I finally did get to walk around the halls for only a half hour.  By this time it was past 2pm and it was clear that I was going to miss Stephen’s graduation ceremony.  The nurse checked me and I was dilated 2cm. My doctor said that I was ok to leave the hospital and eat a light meal and to come back at 5pm to start the pitocin.  Tamarino drove me to Stephen’s graduation and we got to see him in his gown and take pictures as the reception was going on.  Then I went with my parents, Tamarino and my Uncle S to Paradise Bakery, at this point it was 3:30.  Afterwards, we went to the house quickly because my mom wanted to pick something up and to take one car to the hospital.  We went back to the hospital and just walked outside until it was 5pm.  I got changed and hooked up to the monitors and my contractions were still going pretty regularly but I was still only 2cm dilated.  The nurse started the pitocin and my doctor called and said she was on her way to break my water.  At 6:45 my water was broken.  Arty (husband) was set to get to Phoenix at 7pm so Uncle S and my dad went to pick him up.  Arty was in West Virginia for dental school already while I stayed in Phoenix with my family and I continued going to appointments with my OB.  Anyway, he got to the hospital around 8.  My contractions were not that painful for a few hours.  My mom, Tamarino, Uncle S, a few family friends, and Arty were in the room with me and at about 10:30 I had a breakdown.  The contractions were really painful and the room was noisy with talking and I just needed a break.  Everyone left the room and I asked the nurse to check me, I couldn’t believe I was only 3cm.  I was tired and just couldn’t relax and the nurse said that the anesthesiologist would take a half hour to get there and then it would be another 30 minutes to have relief.  Arty and I both thought that it was a good idea to make the call for the epidural.  I think it was at 11:30 that the doctor arrived and the whole process to getting the epidural only took about 15 to 20 minutes.  Then around 12 we both fell asleep.  The nurse had me lay on my left side and then a couple hours later she had me lay on my right side.  I remember waking up thinking I had some gas and also thinking my stomach was itchy.  Then the nurse walked in at 3 am and said that my doctor was on the phone and wanted to know my progress.  She checked me and I was at nine centimeters!  I remember being so excited and also nervous about the pushing since I didn't take any classes.  The nurse told me she was going to let me labor down some.  The sensation I was feeling could only be described as a "gas like" feeling.  The pressure started building and I knew that my body was ready to start pushing.  My mom went and got the nurse.  It was 4:30 am, the nurse walked in and got some things set up.  She told me we were going to start pushing to a certain point and that my doctor was on her way.  

Part two coming soon...


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