Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday night:

Well, we went out to dinner at place here that makes Kenyan food.  Arty and I shared a meal and Sullivan slept in his car-seat peacefully.  It was nice to get out of the house for a meal since we have been eating at home for most meals.  


I did some cleaning and then we went to Sam's Club for some basics (paper-towels, water, big bottles of shampoo and conditioner) and went out to lunch afterwards.  We had Mexican food which is one of my favorite kinds of food.  I always get something small a la carte and eat the yummy chips and salsa.  It was nice out so I took Sullivan in the stroller and did some walking.  It feels so nice to walk outside getting the blood pumping and just breathing fresh non-frozen air in my lungs.


Well, I went and scoped out a church.  It was nice and big and reminded me of church back in Phoenix.  They had a huge coffee bar and hot chocolate bar and everyone gravitated towards that which was fun.  I though the music was really good and Sully seemed to like it.  After the music we spent most of the time in the  "family room" because Sully needed to eat.  There were comfy chairs and books and info on a MOPS group. I am thinking about joining.  I had never really heard of this group before but I am excited to go.  It meets twice a month and childcare is provided.  There is a guest speaker and sometimes you do crafts and meet in small groups.  Since I have mentioned before on this blog that it is hard being at home with a baby in the area of meeting people that I have things in common with.  So then after church I took Sully on another long walk. I also made cookies for Arty's classmates.  I made two kinds of cookies, chocolate chip and snicker-doodles.  I realized that if I ever want to make mass quantities of cookies I need to get another cookie sheet. Well, that's about it for the weekend recap.  

We did manage to videotape Sullivan laughing so hard today.  I will upload it tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.



  1. Did you go to Kenyan Cafe? We almost went there on Saturday! Did you like it? Glad you had a nice weekend! :)

  2. We have MOPS groups around here...well close to where I used to live. They are an awesome! Ours will have consignment sales every fall and spring and when K was really young I'd pick up a lot of her clothing there. :)