Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday's Randoms

Today Sullivan and I went to the grocery store.  I am serious, I really think he likes it there because he starts making his sweet noises and smiling at me.  I LOVE it.   We got a couple things and headed home.  I had to drop off some stuff to Arty at school so we did that and then I needed to pay my bill at Victoria's Secret so we went to the mall.  I also secretly wanted to see if I could check out the group of stroller walker moms there and see what kinds of exercises they do.  It looked like fun, and I saw a couple moms with the same stroller as mine and they were all doing lunges.  I had found out about them online and they meet Monday and Wednesday mornings.  So I think I am going to join up next Monday.  Now tomorrow is the first MOPS meeting for March. I am nervous because I don't know anyone AND because I have never left Sully with people I don't know and he will be in the nursery at the church for two hours.  I am worried he will cry the whole time.  I guess I need to pump in case he gets hungry and bring extra diapers and changes of clothes.  This is new territory but I think it will be good for me.  Yikes, I am getting more and more nervous as I type this.  I will check back with you guys tomorrow and let you know how it goes. 

check out his sweeet blue eyes



  1. Hello, just found your blog. I so want to join a mommy group, but sadly we dont have any here. By the way, our baby boys aren't too far apart in age!

  2. I think you will LOVE MOPS!! My mom was a mentor mom for that at our church in CO! If I stayed at home, I'd do it!! I worried about Ada the first time I put her in the nursery and had all these horrible visions and when we went to get her, she was asleep in the arms of one the workers!! No issues whatsoever!! Can't wait to hear about all the great MOPS stories!! I am so glad you found that! <3

  3. I will keep my fingers crossed for you...I'm sure he will do fine. Those blue eyes are pretty amazing.

  4. Thanks everyone for the sweet words of encouragement!