Monday, March 7, 2011

Adventures in Mall Walking and Pictures From Today

As you know, I took Sullivan to the mall to try out a stroller exercise group there.  It basically consisted of squats, wall sits, dips, lunges, and of course walking.  I think the walking was my favorite part because I got to chat with the other moms.  It was fun but not physically that challenging but I will take what I can get.  Conversation, babies, and exercise...YES PLEASE.  We will be going back.  The group also does activities like go to the children s museum together.  Sullivan was so alert but perfectly content chewing on his giraffe.  He also loved it when I held him and did squats.  To show his approval he let out squeals of happiness.

Here are some pictures I took today :)

Smiling with his giraffe
Loves to grab his shirt or bib

There he is again with his shirt :)

Happy Momma and happy baby

He's just pulling on my hair again...ha!



  1. Megan you take awesome pictures! Sully is starting to look so grown up. I love the commentary that goes with the pictures too. Thanks!

  2. i don't think sullivan could be any sweeter.