Sunday, March 13, 2011

Girly apron all the way!

I sewed this little girls apron yesterday.  I am giving it to my cousin's daughter, named Ada.  She is only one and a half years old and this apron may be on the big side...but better to be too big than too small.  I crocheted her an adorable hat for her birthday in September and it was way too  I imagine her wearing this one day helping her momma make dinner or my aunt make one of her raw, organic desserts and I can't help but smile thinking about that.  I hope that it endures lots of spills and memories.  I made this from a tea towel I found at Target during Valentine's Day.  Super easy and really affordable.  I'll give it to her next week in Phoenix...yay!




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  1. yay for raw foods with auntie! Sully is going to have to wait for my nutfilled treats for a few months :) Katie is going to do desserts for my baby shower megs!