Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Randoms

On Friday after Arty (husband) got done with school we went grocery shopping, had some lunch, and went on a walk to Starbucks.  The weather was pretty nice and I just love getting out whenever the sun is out these days.  That was the first time Arty pushed the stroller and it was also the first time Sully has ever fallen asleep in there.  This gives me hope for tomorrow's stroller exercise class.  I plan to bring the ergo just in case he is not a happy camper.  I will be squatting and lunging my way through the mall with other moms.  Should be entertaining!  The class moves outside to parks when the weather warms up.  Which I thought was happening until is snowed today. Boo!  So back to the weekend, Friday night was normal just dinner, bath, and bed.  Have I mentioned how much I love bath time?  Seriously as soon as Sullivan hears the water turn on he starts laughing and "talking" to me! This is how I do bath time these days... first I put Sully in the bathroom on a comfy bathmat by the tub. Then I take a bath and slowly cool the water down.  Next, I bring him in the tub and he just melts and completely relaxes.  I know this method won't work forever but for now its great.  He loves it, I love it, we all win! Alright, Saturday we just hung out inside because is rained all day.  We ate good food and the three of us lounged around in comfortable clothes.  Today, I took Sullivan to church again.  It was nice and he fell asleep during the music at the beginning. After church I decided that I wanted to get a newspaper for the Sunday coupons.  So let me ask you where do you go to get a paper without getting out of the car due to snow and a sleepy baby????  Starbucks drive-through of course!   I want to try to save money and we'll see how the couponing (is that a word?) goes.  We spent most of the day playing with Sully, he rolled over again, watching netflix, snuggling up, and just enjoying our time together.



  1. If you live in the South, try I wish I lived in the south for this reason alone! :) It's amazing!

  2. How much did the sunday newspaper cost? I am wanting to get back into couponing but haven't gotten out and actually done it. Also, there is a great website called ! She posts where you can get some good coupons online too! :)

  3. Mall exercising?? Haha that is AWESOME! That is YOUR kind of workout experience eh? I would love it too except I'd be too tempted to start buying things right and left! Can't wait to see you soon can you tell?