Wednesday, September 28, 2011

11 Months (9.23.11)


Sweet baby boy this month has been so much fun.  You are so smart.  For example, yesterday I asked you where your books were and you went straight to them.  I also tell you to put things away and you do your best to...haha!  I love watching you do your thing throughout the day.  You help me take your shirt off for bath-time,  you love to lift things up off the ground, and both your papa and I saw you take a couple little steps over the weekend.  

You wear size four diapers and a pretty big range of clothes.  In some things you wear 12-24 months and others 2T.  It just depends.  I have so much fun dressing you because everything looks good on you.

You still give wet kisses and sometimes bite.

You love your crib for the first half of the night still and we are working on keeping you there all night.  But...I do love cuddling with you.  Oh how I love that.

You are a people watcher like momma.  

I love that you clap your hands so perfectly and that you say "ball" one hundred times a day.  As soon as you hear the dishwasher open you come crawling as fast as you can.  We always race to load and unload it or else all of the utensils will be on the floor :)  

At the grocery store this month I handed you a box of spaghetti for just a few seconds, that's all it took for you to chew a nice hole through it resulting in a large pile of spaghetti noodles on the floor of the Italian section.  I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I did my best to pick it up.  I made a note to never give you a box of noodles again :)

You are still nursing like a champ.  Baby carrot sticks are your favorite.  You nibble on them and shave off small pieces.  You also like grapes.

You love to take a nap in the jogging stroller.  We make a good team.

This is how you play peek-a-boo.  Right here you are hiding.

This is you not hiding, and I'm saying "peak-a-boo."   Its one of our fav games to play.

Sully you have captured our hearts.  My words don't properly express the love we have for you.  



  1. I love you Sully and I miss you.

    Love, Grandpa

  2. Grandma misses playing with you, especially peek a boo. Sully, your so much fun and getting bigger every day. My lips to your sweet cheeks, love Grandma