Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun times & some randoms

Another great Monday with the babe.  
We played like it was our job because it pretty much is.  On that note Sully started stacking these cups that my mom got him at wholefoods.  Its one of his favorite toys right now.

Side note:  He also recently started to make that clucking noise when you push your tongue up on the roof of your mouth.  Its really cute and if Arty or I start doing it he always starts in too.  Love love LOVE it!

Ok back to our day, Sully napped in the stroller while I took advantage of the great weather and hit the pavement jogging.
Then we went to the park again.  It's because we loooove the park on a nice day.  

Hanging out.

Love this.
Screaming a happy scream :)
Pulling his feet in.
He is amazing and so smart.  I love the expression on his face.
Right after this picture I ran over to him because he was thinking about getting out of the swing on his own.  

Another mom came to the park with her little boy just about a month older than Sully.  I was excited to give her one of my "mommy cards" from minted.  If you didn't order yours go check them out here!  You just pay shipped and you get 25 free cards.  The designs are beautiful and modern and they come in handy when you meet someone new.

And on another random note, the white noise machine that Moms On Call recommends came today.  We're trying it out tonight so I'll let you know what I think tomorrow.


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